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At Social Butterflies, we work with children of all ages to empower them to be successful communicators at school and at home. Using a cognitive behavioral approach, we teach our clients how to think and problem solve in their daily social interactions. In order to achieve lasting success, we believe we must first work on the child's core by increasing their social and emotional awareness of themselves and those around them. Our approach follows this methodology by building-up the child’s self-esteem and increasing comfortability with themselves and their emotions. With these fundamentals firmly in place, we then progress to learning social skills. Some of the specific areas we work on include: self-esteem, emotional awareness, perspective taking, problem solving, how to be a good friend, conversational and listening skills, flexibility, boundaries, personal space, self-control, and bullying. This approach results in a child who is a confident, aware, well-adjusted, successful social communicator.
We look forward to working with you and meeting success!

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About Shoshana Slepoy


Shoshana has nearly a decade of clinical experience as a pediatric Speech Language Pathologist. She obtained her Masters Degree in Speech Pathology from Nova Southeastern University. Shoshana holds a Certificate of Clinical Competence in Speech Language Pathology and is a member of the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ASHA). She currently holds a license in Speech Language Pathology from the New Jersey Board of Examiners and has worked in a variety of settings in the tri-state area and abroad.
In addition to her background in speech and language, Shoshana specializes in social cognitive behavioral therapy. Shoshana has developed her own unique approach while incorporating some of the methods of the foremost experts in the field including Michelle Garcia Winner and Dr. Myrna B. Shure. She has also participated in an extensive Social Skills Leadership Training Program given by some of the most recognized specialists. In addition, she has established relationships with leaders in the social skills field and consults with them regularly.
Shoshana’s intuitiveness in understanding her clients' challenges and ability to hone in on a child’s needs while connecting with them on a personal level, truly sets her apart as a social skills therapist. Her dynamic sessions, teamwork approach, dedication and care have made her tremendously sought after and her demonstrated success and proven record of accomplishment have cemented her as a leader in the field. Shoshana’s vast knowledge, wide-ranging experience and exceptional skills have made her a valued and respected therapist for children struggling with social and emotional development.

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Shoshana's dynamic nature and exciting sessions really broke down and honed in on my son's social emotional needs and boosted him up from the inside out. Her program fills an incredible need as a specialized therapist teaching and supporting social and emotional skills and working with challenging behaviors within the school environment and at home. We've seen wonderful results as we work together as a team to support my son's social-emotional development! Thank you, Shoshana, for caring so much about our son and for being an amazing support and resource for us in helping him grow!


As a parent with a child facing emotional and social issues, finding a direction seems daunting.  Morah Shana was able to assess the situation and come up with a game plan.  Her program is extremely practical and she empowers both the parent and the child.  She creates an atmosphere in which the child can really open up, succeed and blossom.  We feel so fortunate to have Morah Shana as a partner in our son's growth and development!

R. B.

Shoshana Slepoy has developed a brilliant program targeting social, emotional, and developmental development. Shoshana is creative, passionate, skillful, and dedicated, and her approach is both practical and fun! She is committed to the child's growth, and each program is tailor made to the child's needs. Our son grew tremendously under her expertise, and he developed wonderful self-awareness, peer interaction skills, and overall improved self-management skills. We highly recommend Shoshana to all parents seeking to improve their child's social development, and are confident that you will reap the benefits of working with her! 


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Social Skills Groups

Group therapy focusing on each child's needs as well as learning to work within a group environment

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Private therapy

Individual attention and focus with goals specifically related to your child

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Observations and Consultations

Observations in a school setting and consultations with you, your child's teachers and school personnel.

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